We are open to anyone and everyone, young or old, the fit and the not so fit, gay or lesbian or straight. If you will for whatever reason feel comfortable in our company, then you are welcome. Gewoonlik is daar meer Afrikaans as Engels speekende hikers!

If you would like the company of your straight friends, mother, father, sister, brother, or children while hiking with us, then we welcome them.

Our ages and sizes and beauty then reflect this philosophy. Our current participation averages 35 hikers, although there were 50 of us on occasions last year! Attendance does not require any prior booking, or warning to the group. You simply arrive bringing as many friends with you as you want, or you arrive alone. All will be welcomed.

You always see to your own needs as far as food and water go. For the "carry" type hikes you would typically bring sarmies, salads, rolls or fruit with and at least one and a half liters of water or juice. Alcohol is welcome in moderate quantities, but is best kept for the lunch break, it dehydrating you!

For the "braai" hikes there are usually built in braai facilities. You have to provide your own charcoal and and utensils. You provide your own meat, salads and resreshments.

You would wear old, comfortable clothes and shoes or boots or web sandals, there being no point in trying to impress us. However Designer gear also works.

You would need a day pack for your lunch and liquid refreshment. If it will be your first hike make do with whatever gear you have and see what we use before you go out and buy gear.

The hikes are typically longer circular ones in winter, with a stop en-route at a picturesque spot for lunch halfway through the hike. In the summer months the hikes are usually shorter, and we usually return to the cars for a late braai lunch, and a swim. On some hikes we are able to swim in rivers, which is great fun.

As we should only hike as fast as the slowest hiker you would always be able to manage with average fitness. We always take regular breaks for juice or an apple, allowing the slower hikers to catch up. Our hiking is more sociable and enjoyable this way, allowing you to take in the beauty of our surroundings.

We would take you to an average of twenty different venues in a two year cycle, so you would get to see some new places. There is the opportunity to travel with others, or give lifts to others, if you meet in Johannesburg. You would typically have to leave home before 08h00 and return around 18h00.